The computer code for the interchange of information between terminal is ..




D. All of the above

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  1. The computer code for the interchange of information between terminal is ..
  2. Display controller is not required for _________
  3. A _____ is a digital circuit that performs the inverse operation of decodes.
  4. A ____________ is a series of slides displayed in a particular sequence.
  5. The NOR gate is complement of ..
  6. The region code 0000 represents the _________
  7. After completion of scanning of one line, the electron beam files back to the start of next line, this…
  8. Hue of color is related to ?
  9. the line segment from the view plane to the view reference point is called __________
  10. Length of shift register in bits is equal to _________
  11. A bilinear transformation can be simulated by the transformation ?
  12. A circle, if scaled only in one direction becomes a ?
  13. Which statement is valid about computer program?
  14. ____________ refers to any type of application or presentation that involves more than one type of media,…
  15. The line 2x-y+4=0, if clipped against this window will connect the points ?
  16. The transformation that produces a mirror image of an object relative to an axis is called __________
  17. Quick access to frequently used commands can be found in the ________ toolbar.
  18. The smallest addressable screen element. Is called_______
  19. The decoded instruction is stored in ______ .
  20. Pixel on the graphics display represents________
  21. A method used to test lines for total clipping is equivalent to the
  22. a polygon in which the line segment joining any 2 points within the polygon lies completely inside the…
  23. The text color in a presentation should contrast with the ________ color.
  24. ______________ is the special effect used to introduce each slide in a slide presentation.
  25. The process of selecting and viewing the picture with different views is called _________
  26. Line produced by moving pen is _______ at the end points than the line produced by the pixel replication.
  27. In perspective projection, the lines of projection are not parallel. Instead, they all coverage at a…
  28. The slide ________ controls text characteristics, background color and special effects, such as shadowing…
  29. ______ is used to choose between incrementing the PC or performing ALU operations .
  30. A ________ displays a list of commands and usually appears in the toolbar at the top of the screen.