The condition of refrigerant after passing through the condenser in a vapour compression system is

A. Saturated liquid

B. Wet vapour

C. Dry saturated vapour

D. Superheated vapour

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  1. In case of sensible heating of air, the coil efficiency is given by (where B.P.F. = Bypass factor)
  2. An infinite parallel planes with emissivities e₁ and e₂, the interchange factor for radiation…
  3. The relative coefficient of performance is
  4. Short horizontal lines on pressure-enthalpy chart show
  5. In vapour compression cycle the condition off refrigerant is dry saturated vapour
  6. When the lower temperature of a refrigerating machine is fixed, then the coefficient of performance…
  7. For better C.O.P of refrigerator, the pressure range corresponding to temperature in evaporator and…
  8. The desirable property of a refrigerant is
  9. The bypass factor of a cooling coil decreases with
  10. Chaperon equation is applicable for registration at
  11. The process, generally used in summer air conditioning to cool and dehumidify the air, is called
  12. Chaperon equation is a relation between
  13. The power per tonne of refrigeration is
  14. Pick up the wrong statement. A refrigerant should have
  15. An evaporator is also known as
  16. In refrigerators, the temperature difference between the evaporating refrigerant and the medium being…
  17. The dry bulb temperature during sensible heating of air
  18. During sensible cooling of air, specific humidity
  19. The C.O.P of a refrigeration cycle with increase in evaporator temperature, keeping condenser temperature…
  20. A vapour absorption refrigerator uses __________ as a refrigerant.
  21. The operating temperature of a cold storage is 2°C. The heat leakage from the surrounding is 30…
  22. In a spray washing system, if the temperature of water is higher than the dry bulb temperature of entering…
  23. Wet bulb temperature is the temperature of air recorded by a thermometer, when
  24. If a heat pump cycle operates between the condenser temperature of +27°C and evaporator temperature…
  25. The cooling system used for supersonic aircrafts and rockets is
  26. Pressure of water vapour is given by
  27. The conditioned air supplied to the room must have the capacity to take up
  28. For air conditioning the operation theatre in a hospital, the percentage of outside air in the air supplied…
  29. The wet bulb temperature during sensible heating of air
  30. Air conditioning means