The Constituent Assembly which framed the constitution for Independent India was set up in

A. 1945

B. 1946

C. 1947

D. 1949

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  1. The Constitution of India was promulgated on January 26, 1950 because
  2. The total number of fundamental duties mentioned is the constitution of India now is
  3. Aristotle, the father or Political Science, believed that the State continues to exist for the sake…
  4. Vote on Account is a grant voted/passed by Parliament
  5. Who presided over the inaugural meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India
  6. Who among the following Indians was the President of the International Court of Justice at Hague
  7. Consider the following statements : 1. The mode of removal of a judge of a High Court in India is same…
  8. Of the following, which country is not the permanent member of the Security Council
  9. The Parliament or a state legislature can declare a seat vacant if a member absents himself without…
  10. The National Development Council (NDC) 1. Discusses the progress of the National Plan. 2. Suggests the…
  11. While casting her vote in any election, a woman exercises her
  12. Who presides over the joint sitting of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha ?
  13. The maximum strength of the Legislative Assembly of a state is
  14. Human Rights Day is observed all over the world every year on
  15. Who among the following is the Chairman of the Steering Committee to oversee the functions of the National…
  16. Which one of the following countries has a presidential form of Government
  17. Number of Panchayat Samities in West Bengal at present is
  18. The Supreme Court consists of a Chief Justice and
  19. Assertion (A) : The council of ministers in the union of India is collectively responsible both to Lok…
  20. What does the Constitution (Ninety Second Amendment) Act, 2003 deal with ?
  21. The electoral college that elects the Vice-President of India consists of
  22. The most profound influence on the drafting of the Indian Constitution was exercised by the
  23. Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right?
  24. President of the Constituent Assembly with whose signature the Indian constitution was adopted was
  25. In which general election did the Congress Party lose majority in the Parliament for the first time…
  26. The well-known case of Keshavananda Bharti vs The state of Kerala related to which one of the following…
  27. Universal Adult Franchise makes a government
  28. The League of Nations was established in
  29. Number of districts in West Bengal at present is
  30. The ultimate authority according to the preamble of the Indian constitution vests in