The costs faced by the firm against variable factors are:

A. Variable costs

B. Fixed costs

C. Average costs

D. Marginal costs

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  1. Moving down along a linear demand curve:
  2. Which is not an essential feature of a socialist economy?
  3. The kink demand curve faced by an oligopolist is based on the assumption that:
  4. The market demand for any commodity is the:
  5. The number of sellers in oligopoly are:
  6. If a monopolist is producing under decreasing cost conditions, increase in demand is beneficial to the…
  7. If the demand curve remains unchanged and supply increases, the price will:
  8. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a perfectly competitive market?
  9. Who finalized the model of monopolistic competition?
  10. The main contribution of Alfred Marshal is in the field of:
  11. Who developed the concept of Representative Firm?
  12. The proportional demand curve in monopolistic competition (also in kinked demand curve model), is like…
  13. Cross-elasticity of demand or cross-price elasticity between two substitutes will be:
  14. The demand curve of ostentation goods (Veblen goods) will be:
  15. The fundamental choices that a society must make about the use of its resources include:
  16. The equilibrium conditions, MC = MR = AR = AC, will happen:
  17. Micro economics is concerned with:
  18. Under monopolistic competition, the firms compete alongwith:
  19. Because the price elasticity of demand for OPEC oil is approximately .08, in order to increase revenues…
  20. A demand schedule is shown as:
  21. According to translog production function, elasticity of substitution is:
  22. The total utility (TU) curve is:
  23. In cournot model, at equuilibrium when MC = MR, the elasticity of demand is:
  24. An exceptional demand curve is:
  25. If the production increases under decreasing returns to scale, the cost will:
  26. Efficient allocation of resources is achieved to a greater extent under:
  27. The modern cost curves are based upon the idea of:
  28. The law of Diminishing Marginal Utility implies that the marginal utility of a good decreases as:
  29. Cardinal approach includes arranging:
  30. Technological efficiency: