The deductions for, employees provident fund start

A. Immediately on joining the service

B. After 60 days of joining the service

C. After 100 days of joining the service

D. After 240 days of joining the service

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  1. In value engineering, important consideration is given to
  2. Which of the following are the principles of material handling?
  3. In a PERT chart
  4. Indirect expenses include
  5. The product layout
  6. In which of the following layouts, the lines need to the balanced
  7. In manufacturing management, the term 'Dispatching' is used to describe
  8. The two bin system is concerned with
  9. Queueing theory deals with problems of
  10. PMTP (predetermined motion time systems) include
  11. The determination of standard time in a complex job system is best done through
  12. The routing function in a production system design is concerned with
  13. In the Emerson efficiency plan, a worker receives only his daily wage and no bonus is paid till his…
  14. Pick up the correct statement about relationship between various floats
  15. In ABC control policy, maximum attention is given to
  16. What does symbol 'O' imply in work study?
  17. Pick up the correct statement from the following
  18. Which one of the following techniques is used for determining allowances in time study?
  19. Which of the following charts are used for plant layout design?
  20. For handling materials during manufacture of cement, a _________ is widely used.
  21. The first method invented for planning projects was
  22. The time taken by a trained worker to perform an operation, while working a steady pace, is known as
  23. In Halsey 50-50 plan, output standards are established
  24. Emergency rush order can be pushed more effectively in
  25. Time study is carried out to determine the time required to complete job by
  26. A graphical device used to determine the breakeven point and profit potential under varying conditions…
  27. The aim of value engineering is to
  28. In queuing theory, the nature of the waiting situation can be studied and analysed mathematically if
  29. Replacement studies are made on the following basis:
  30. Percent idle time for men or machines is found by