The degree of reaction of an axial flow turbine is the ratio of isentropic temperature drop in a blade row to the

A. Adiabatic temperature drop in the stage

B. Total temperature drop

C. Total temperature drop in the stage

D. Total adiabatic temperature drop

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  1. If infinite number of heaters be used in a gas turbine, then expansion process in turbine approaches
  2. Out of the following, from where you will prefer to take intake for air compressor
  3. The ratio of the volume of free air delivery per stroke to the swept volume of the piston, is known…
  4. The weight per horse power ratio for gas in Turbine as compared to I.C. engine and steam turbine is
  5. The compression ratio in a gas turbine is of the order of
  6. The ratio of the net work obtained from the gas turbine plant to the turbine work is known as
  7. The air is delivered ________ in one revolution in case of a three lobbed rotor.
  8. The compressor efficiency is the
  9. Propulsion efficiency of the following order is obtained in practice
  10. Turbofan engine employs
  11. The reason for volumetric efficiency of reciprocating compressor being less than 100 percent is
  12. The following is true for an open cycle gas turbine having exhaust heat exchanger. Atmospheric air before…
  13. The absolute pressure of air at the outlet of a compressor is called
  14. The work done per unit mass of air in compression will be least when n is equal to
  15. The maximum compression ratio in an actual single stage axial flow compressor is of the order of
  16. Air-fuel ratio in a jet engine will be of the order of
  17. Gas turbine as compared to steam turbine
  18. In a jet propulsion
  19. The thermodynamic efficiency of rotary compressor is based on
  20. The temperature of air at the beginning of the compression stroke is ________ the atmospheric temperature.
  21. Which is false statement about advantages of multistage compressor in comparison to single stage compressor?
  22. The closed cycle in gas turbines
  23. Maximum delivery pressure is a rotary air compressor is of the order of
  24. An ideal air compressor cycle with clearance on PV diagram can be represented by following processes
  25. The pressure and temperature conditions of air at the suction of compressor are
  26. The efficiency and work ratio of a gas turbine plant can be increased by
  27. In open cycle turbojet engines used in military aircraft, reheating the exhaust gas from the turbine…
  28. Which of the following statement is correct relating to rocket engines?
  29. In air compressors, free air delivery means the
  30. The ratio of the increase in pressure in rotor blades to total increase in pressure in the stage is…