The design of pin of a rocker arm of an I.C. engine is based on

A. Bearing failure

B. Shearing failure

C. Bending failure

D. All of these

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  1. In radial bearings, the load acts __________ to the axis of rotation.
  2. Creep in belt is due to
  3. According to Unwin's formula, the relation between the diameter of rivet hole (d) and the thickness…
  4. The resultant axial load on a bolt depends upon
  5. The stiffness of a closely coiled helical spring subjected to an axial load W is equal to (where G =…
  6. Tensile strength of a mild steel specimen can be roughly predicted from following hardness test
  7. A transmission shaft includes
  8. The speed of the sprocket reduces as the chain pitch __________ for a given number of teeth.
  9. Tapered roller bearings can take
  10. The centrifugal tension in belts
  11. The gears are termed as medium velocity gears, if their peripheral velocity is
  12. Residual stress in materials
  13. When the belt speed increases
  14. 18/8 steel contains
  15. During hot working of metals,
  16. In leaf springs, the longest leaf is known as
  17. The radial distance of a tooth from the pitch circle to the top of the tooth is called
  18. The tension on the slack side of the belt is __________ the tension on the tight side of the belt.
  19. The groove angle of pulleys for V-belt is
  20. A special case of ductility which permits materials to be rolled or hammered into thin sheets, is called
  21. According to I.B.R., the efficiency of a double riveted butt joint with double cover straps of equal…
  22. In case of thick cylinders, the tangential stress across the thickness of cylinder is
  23. The shear plane in case of bolts should
  24. Which of the following statement is correct?
  25. In a transverse fillet welded joint, the size of weld is __________ the throat of weld.
  26. The material used for brake lining should have __________ coefficient of friction.
  27. The ratio of pitch circle diameter in millimetres to the number of teeth, is called
  28. The relation between the pitch of the chain (p) and pitch circle diameter of the sprocket (D) is given…
  29. Rankine's theory is used for
  30. Yield point in fatigue loading as compared to static loading is