The device used to record the sound is

A. a microphone

B. a headphone

C. a phonograph

D. an amplifier

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  1. Water has maximum density at
  2. In a refrigerator cooling is produced by
  3. Why is nuclear fusion also known as thermonuclear reaction?
  4. When ice melts, Its volume
  5. Metals are good conductors of heat because
  6. The radiator in a car serves to
  7. When we tighten the string of a sitar or tanpura its pitch
  8. Which of the following revolves round the nucleus in an atom?
  9. Acoustics' la a branch or study dealing with
  10. The star nearest to the sun is
  11. The function of a moderator in a nuclear reactor is
  12. An electric kettle used for boiling hard water has a white scale deposited on its heating element. This…
  13. Nuclear fission process means
  14. A light year means
  15. The frequency of an ultrasonic wave is
  16. Holography is the technique of
  17. An ohm is a unit of
  18. Drinks kept in a vacuum flask remain hot or cold as the case may be for a long time because
  19. Velocity of sound in high altitudes is low because at such a height
  20. The following are the atmospheric zones above the surface of the earth:A) Troposphere B) IonosphereC)…
  21. When a body is partly or wholly immersed in a liquid the apparent loss of weight is equal to the weight…
  22. An astronomical unit of distance is
  23. Who first established the fact that the earth revolves round the sun?
  24. The loudness of a sound is determined by
  25. The atmosphere gets heated up mainly by
  26. To get 5 images of a single object one should have two plane mirrors inclined at an angle of
  27. Mercury is used in a barometer because
  28. A cyclist leans inwards when he is negotiating a curve 10 that
  29. We always see only one side of the moon because
  30. The brightest planet in the Solar System is