The diagram efficiency is the ratio of

A. Workdone on the blades to the energy supplied to the blades

B. Workdone on the blades per kg of steam to the total energy supplied per stage per kg of steam

C. Energy supplied to the blades per kg of steam to the total energy supplied per stage per kg of steam

D. None of the above

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  1. Cut-off governing as compared to throttle governing is
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  5. Cut-off ratio is the ratio of
  6. The velocity of flue gases (V) through the chimney under a static draught of (H') metres is given by
  7. The mechanical draught _________ with the amount of smoke.
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  24. The efficiency of steam turbines may be improved by
  25. The maximum efficiency of a De-Laval turbine is (where α = Nozzle angle)
  26. The selection of type and size of a steam boiler depends upon
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  28. In an impulse reaction turbine, the pressure drops gradually and continuously over
  29. The friction present between the steam and the nozzle surfaces reduces the heat drop by
  30. Locomotive boiler is of the following type