The diameter of fire tube of Cornish boiler compared to its shell is

A. One half

B. One third

C. One fourth

D. One fifth

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  1. The specific heat of superheated steam in kcal/kg is generally of the order of
  2. The critical pressure gives the velocity of steam at the throat
  3. Cut-off ratio is the ratio of
  4. Lancashire boiler is used where working pressure and power required are
  5. Locomotive type' boiler is
  6. The draught in locomotive boilers is produced by a
  7. The object of producing draught in a boiler is
  8. Willian's law states that the steam consumption per hour provided with a throttled governor is proportional…
  9. Water tube boilers are those in which
  10. The length of shell of a Locomotive boiler is
  11. Duplex feed pumps are used in small steam boilers. These operate on the principle of
  12. A turbine is said to have an axial discharge when the steam leaves the blade tip at _________ to the…
  13. The change in internal energy in steam engines equals to
  14. The expansion of steam, as it flows over the blades in reaction turbine, represents
  15. The condition of steam in boiler drum is always
  16. The critical pressure ratio for initially dry saturated steam is
  17. The reheat factor is the ratio of the
  18. Evaporative capacity of boiler is expressed as
  19. The latent heat of steam at pressures greater than atmospheric in comparison to latent heat at atmospheric…
  20. In a nozzle, the effect of super-saturation is to
  21. The length of Lancashire boiler varies from
  22. The blade friction in the impulse turbine reduces the velocity of steam by __________ while it passes…
  23. In case of condensing steam engines, the pressure of steam in the cylinder during exhaust stroke is…
  24. Stage efficiency is also known as
  25. The diagram efficiency is the ratio of
  26. The diameters of fire tubes and superheater tubes in locomotive boiler are
  27. The amount of water evaporated from feed water at _________ into dry and saturated steam at 100°…
  28. The behaviour of coal in a furnace is determined by
  29. An economiser is installed in a boiler primarily to
  30. The air pressure at the fuel bed is reduced below that of atmosphere by means of a fan placed at or…