The diameter of internal flue tubes in a Lancashire boiler compared to its shell is

A. One-half

B. One-third

C. Two-fourth

D. Two-fifth

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  1. Blading efficiency is also known as
  2. The velocity of flue gases (V) through the chimney under a static draught of (H') metres is given by
  3. Efficiency of a thermal cycle increases by
  4. Desecration of feed water is carried out because it reduces
  5. The function of a piston rod is
  6. At very low temperature, the melting and boiling temperatures become equal. This temperature is
  7. The function of a safety valve is
  8. Heating of dry steam above saturation temperature is known as
  9. The diameter of tubes for natural circulation boiler as compared to controlled circulation boilers is
  10. When the speed of the engine is controlled by means of a valve in a steam pipe, which regulates the…
  11. The function of a valve rod is
  12. Which device is used in thermal power plants to reduce level of pollution?
  13. With increase in load, radiant superheater has
  14. The draught produced by a steam jet issuing from a nozzle placed in the chimney is called
  15. Which of the following are boiler accessories?
  16. Which of the following compound steam engine requires a smaller flywheel?
  17. Which type of boiler can meet rapid changes of load?
  18. The ratio of the useful heat drop to the isentropic heat drop is called
  19. An ideal regenerative cycle is
  20. In a velocity compounded impulse turbine, when steam flows through the second row of moving blades,
  21. 100% efficiency of a thermal cycle cannot be achieved because of
  22. The diameter of fire tubes in Cochran boiler is of the order of
  23. For burning 1 kg of carbon to CO as per chemically correct combustion, amount of air required is
  24. When the inlet pressure of steam is equal to the exit pressure, then
  25. Locomotive type' boiler is
  26. Which of the following boilers is best suited to meet fluctuating demands?
  27. Boiler H.P. is defined as the
  28. The pressure of steam in the engine cylinder at the beginning of the stroke is ________ the boiler pressure.
  29. A wet vapour can be completely specified by
  30. Equivalent evaporation of water is the evaporation for a feed water supply at 100°C