The distance a screw thread advances axially in one turn is the:

A. Lead

B. Pitch

C. Turn

D. Crest

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  1. An Auto-CAD term that refers to a pre-drawn object which is stored in a drawing file and can be inserted…
  2. This is used in drawings to represent the edge of a solid object:
  3. Geometric primitives include shapes such as ________.
  4. This material is used in masonry construction, most commonly for ornamental facing:
  5. An advantage of this type of view is that each view shows the object all the way through as if it were…
  6. Two-point perspective is also known as:
  7. A projection weld is a type of:
  8. When designing a home for a client, one of the most important predesign considerations that an architect…
  9. Understanding the Cartesian coordinate system will help the beginning drafter ________.
  10. In U.S. structural and architectural drafting, all dimensions of this length are usually expressed in…
  11. This type of section is limited by a break line:
  12. Before starting an isometric drawing in Auto-CAD the drafter needs to ________.
  13. This type of solid has two bases that are parallel equal polygons:
  14. These are joined together in the field to build a structure:
  15. This is a thin solid line directing attention to a note or dimension and starting with an arrowhead…
  16. Newer versions of Auto-CAD utilize the ________ to make block library management very easy.
  17. In a CAD system, you can draw an ellipse by specifying these:
  18. Once a drawing is determined to be complete, the title block is used to document the change from:
  19. In an oblique drawing, equally spaced partial circles may be used to show this:
  20. Spur gear design normally begins with selecting this:
  21. Some common blocks used by architectural drafters include ________.
  22. Some of the standard Auto-CAD text styles used in architectural drawings includes ________.
  23. In working drawings, these show all necessary information not given directly on the drawing with its…
  24. By using a ________ section of a cylindrical mechanical part the drafter should be able to show only…
  25. This is the intersection of the ground plane with the picture plane:
  26. These gears transmit power between shafts whose axes intersect at any angle:
  27. These types of pipes are generally connected with bell and spigot joints or flanged joints:
  28. These drawings are given to contractors to perform work or manufacture individual parts:
  29. In this type of auxiliary view, a break line is used to indicate the imaginary break in the views:
  30. A cylinder can be created by drawing a rectangular shape then the ________ tool.