The draw of cotter need not exceed

A. 3 mm

B. 5 mm

C. 10 mm

D. 20 mm

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  1. When the belt is transmitting maximum power, the belt speed should be
  2. The size of a cam depends upon
  3. The piston rod of a steam engine is usually connected to the crosshead by means of
  4. Eye bolts are used for
  5. In V-belt drive, belt touches
  6. The form factor of a helical gear __________ with the increase in the helix angle.
  7. A spring is used to
  8. The endurance limit in shear of carbon steel can be obtained by multiplying the endurance limit in flexure…
  9. Transverse fillet welded joints are designed for
  10. The resistance to fatigue of a material is measured by
  11. A flange coupling is used to connect two shafts
  12. In block brakes, the ratio of shoe width to wheel diameter is taken between
  13. The stiffness of a closely coiled helical spring subjected to an axial load W is equal to (where G =…
  14. The suitable material for belt in agricultural machinery is
  15. The metal suitable for bearings subjected to heavy loads is
  16. In the levers of third type, the mechanical advantage is __________ one.
  17. The contact ratio is the ratio of
  18. In case of pressure vessels having open ends, the fluid pressure induces
  19. The shock absorbing capacity of a bolt may be increased by
  20. A tap bolt
  21. Split nut is a locking device in which
  22. The speed of the sprocket reduces as the chain pitch __________ for a given number of teeth.
  23. Two shafts A and B are made of the same material. The diameter of shaft A is twice as that of shaft…
  24. A steel containing 0.8% carbon is known as
  25. The centre to centre distance between two consecutive rivets in a row, is called
  26. Cast iron pipes are mainly used
  27. The rolling contact bearings as compared to sliding contact bearings have
  28. In hydrostatic bearings
  29. The sleeve or muff coupling is designed as a
  30. Rankine's theory is used for