The edges of a boiler plate are bevelled to an angle of

A. 30°

B. 45°

C. 60°

D. 80°

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  1. The resistance to fatigue of a material is measured by
  2. The lower deviation is the algebraic difference between the
  3. Deep groove ball bearings are used for
  4. In designing thick cylinders, the equation used is
  5. According to I.B.R., when the thickness of boiler shell (t) is greater than 8 mm, then the diameter…
  6. The endurance limit of a material with finished surface in comparison to rough surface is
  7. During hot working of metals,
  8. The stretching in a belt can be controlled by __________ the stress in the belt.
  9. A localised compressive stress at the area of contact between two members is known as
  10. The building up of worn and undersized parts, subjected to repeated loads by electroplating is
  11. Rivets are generally specified by
  12. The contact ratio is the ratio of
  13. For general industrial machinery, the ratio of the length of journal to its diameter is taken as
  14. The objective of idler pulley in belt drive is to
  15. For hardening alloy steels and high speed steels, they are heated to
  16. The function of cutting oil when threading a pipe is to
  17. Two helical springs of the same material and of equal circular crosssection, length and number of turns,…
  18. Creep in belt is due to
  19. Castle nut is a locking device in which
  20. The property of a material which enables it to be drawn into wires with the application of a tensile…
  21. The velocity factor for precision metallic gears cut with high accuracy and operating at velocities…
  22. The included angle for the V-belt is usually
  23. In the levers of first type, the mechanical advantage is __________ one.
  24. In radial bearings, the load acts __________ to the axis of rotation.
  25. The arms of the pulleys for flat belt drive have
  26. When bevel gears connect two shafts whose axes intersect at an angle greater than a right angle and…
  27. Which of the following statement is correct, for two shafts connected in parallel?
  28. The velocity factor for very accurately cut and ground metallic gears operating at velocities upto __________…
  29. Wire ropes as compared to cotton ropes
  30. In hydrostatic bearings