The effect of bleeding is that

A. It increases the thermodynamic efficiency of the turbine

B. Boiler is supplied with hot water

C. It decreases the power developed by the turbine

D. All of the above

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  1. Thermal equilibrium means that the flow of steam is
  2. When the back pressure of a nozzle is below the designed value of pressure at exit of nozzle, the nozzle…
  3. The draught produced by a steam jet issuing from a nozzle placed in the chimney is called
  4. The critical pressure ratio (p₂/p₁) is given by
  5. The water tubes in a simple vertical boiler are
  6. Which is not correct statement about effect of sulphur in fuel?
  7. The maximum heat loss is a boiler occurs due to
  8. In a nozzle, whole frictional loss is assumed to occur between
  9. The balanced draft furnace is one using
  10. The ratio of the actual vacuum to the ideal vacuum in a condenser is called
  11. In recuperative air preheaters, the heat is transferred
  12. The amount of water evaporated from feed water at _________ into dry and saturated steam at 100°…
  13. The efficiency of the plant __________ with the mechanical draught.
  14. The reheat factor is the ratio of the
  15. The pressure of feed water has to be raised before its entry into the boiler. The pressure is raised…
  16. Expansion ratio is the ratio of
  17. Water boils when its vapour pressure
  18. Which of the following varieties of coals is mostly used in steam boilers?
  19. 1 kg.m is equal to
  20. The efficiency of a boiler is defined as
  21. Hard coke is produced by carburisation of coal at
  22. Fire tube boilers are limited to a maximum design working pressure of
  23. All steam engines work on
  24. Cochran boiler is a
  25. The latent heat of steam with increase of pressure
  26. The effect of friction in the nozzle __________ dryness fraction of steam.
  27. In a Parson's turbine stage, blade velocity is 320 m/s at the mean radius and rotor blade exit angle…
  28. The velocity of steam leaving the nozzle (V) is given by (where K = Nozzle coefficient or nozzle efficiency,…
  29. The action of steam in a steam turbine is
  30. An economiser is installed in a boiler primarily to