The effect of friction in the nozzle __________ dryness fraction of steam.

A. Has no effect on

B. Decreases

C. Increases

D. None of these

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  1. The best suited coal for chain or travelling grate stoker boiler is
  2. Gusset stays in a boiler are provided to
  3. A closed vessel made of steel and used for the generation of steam is called a
  4. The fire tubes in a Cochran boiler are
  5. Cochran boiler is a
  6. The fire tubes in a Scotch marine boiler are
  7. Ultimate analysis of fuel is determination of percentage of
  8. Lancashire boiler is a
  9. The process of maintaining the speed of the turbine constant for various load conditions, is known as
  10. The economiser is used in boilers to
  11. Which is not the correct statement about moisture in coal?
  12. The safety valve at superheater as compared to drum safety valve setting is set at
  13. A device used in a boiler to control the flow of steam from the boiler to the main pipe and to shut…
  14. In a receiver type compound engine, the high pressure and low pressure cylinders
  15. Boiler H.P. is defined as the
  16. The high steam and low water safety valve is not used in
  17. The main object of a boiler trial is
  18. In natural circulation type boiler,
  19. Multi-stage steam turbines are of the
  20. An impulse turbine as compared to a reaction turbine, for a given power has _________ row of blades.
  21. At which pressure the properties of water and steam become identical
  22. Steam exhaust from high pressure turbine is reheated in
  23. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  24. The effect of bleeding is that
  25. In locomotive boiler, maximum steam pressure is limited to
  26. The maximum efficiency of a reaction turbine is
  27. Water boils when its vapour pressure
  28. The high pressure and low pressure cylinders in a Woolf type compound engine are regarded as having…
  29. Which of the following statement is correct?
  30. A device in which some portion of waste heat of flue gases is recovered to heat the air before it passes…