The effect of friction on the flow of steam through a nozzle is to decrease the __________ of steam.

A. Wetness

B. Mass flow rate

C. Both 'a' & 'b'

D. Neither 'a' nor 'b'

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  1. Nusselt number is related to the Reynolds number (Re) in turbulent & laminar flow respectively as
  2. With increase in impurities in metals, their corrosion resistances
  3. Out of the following, the best material capable of withstanding shock & vibration without the danger…
  4. The normal stress is the same in all directions at a point in a fluid, only when the fluid
  5. The units of the rate constant for a second order reaction are
  6. __________ pipe is the most suitable for carrying sanitary drainage.
  7. __________ wire is never used for making the heating element.
  8. An oxidation process is accompanied with decrease in the
  9. Cold cracking in the heat affected zone of a high strength steel weld can take place because of the
  10. The refrigerant freon-12 is chemically
  11. Addition of silicon to cast iron
  12. The capacity of a spring to store energy is called the spring form co-efficient. Stiffness of a spring…
  13. Shrinkage allowance on pattern is provided to compensate for shrinkage when the
  14. __________ iron is produced by the annealing of white cast iron.
  15. Highest cutting speed is achieved by the __________ tool material.
  16. Normalising does not __________ of a metal.
  17. Particle nature of cathode rays is proved due to the fact that they
  18. Force between the molecules of the same substance is called __________ force.
  19. The product out from a cupola is called
  20. While the recrystallisation temperature for pure metals is 0.3 Tm, the same for alloys is equal to __________…
  21. A furnace is made of a refractory brick wall of thickness 0.5 metre and thermal conductivity 0.7 W/m.°K…
  22. Blasting of tri-nitro-toluene (TNT) is done by mixing it with ammonium
  23. 'Amortization' in respect of financial obligation of a company means the
  24. Which of the following fastening devices has a head at one end and a nut fitted to the other?
  25. Two solutions A1 & A2 have pH value of 2 & 6 respectively. It implies that the solution
  26. Which of the following is the most wear resistant grade of carbide used for the cutting tools?
  27. Galvanic corrosion cannot be prevented by
  28. Which of the following has the least value of ultimate tensile strength (UTS)?
  29. In TIG welding, thoriated tungsten electrodes are used, because it
  30. Heat required to raise the temperature of a body by 1 °C is called its