The effects according to which people use those goods which are concerned with distinctive standard of living are:

A. Bandwagon effects

B. Snob effects

C. Veblen effects

D. Steven effects

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  1. Cartel is associated with:
  2. Who is the author of Choice of Technique?
  3. Which of the following curves is a rectangular hyperbola?
  4. Which of the following pairs of commodities is an example of substitutes?
  5. Microeconomics is also known as:
  6. In a socialist (communist) economy the invisible hand:
  7. The longer the period of time, the elasticity of supply will be:
  8. With the expansion of output, the short run average cost curve, beyond a point, starts rising because:
  9. When income of the consumer increases then demand curve of an inferior good:
  10. The falling part of total Utility (TU) curve shows:
  11. Which of the following is an implicit cost of production?
  12. Production function shows:
  13. Whish of the following represents the average revenue curve of a firm?
  14. When the output of a firm is increasing, its average fixed cost:
  15. Profits of a firm will be calculated taking into account the units produced and the difference between:
  16. The firm is at equilibrium where:
  17. A mixed economy is characterized by the coexistence of:
  18. Marshalls definition of economics was strongly criticised by:
  19. In measuring price-elasticity:
  20. The short run cost curve is U shaped because of:
  21. The shape of the TC curve is:
  22. LMC represents change in LTC (long-run total cost) due to producing an additional unit of a good while…
  23. In monopolistic competition, if a firm lowers its price, the rival firms will:
  24. According to Diamond Water Paradox diamonds are more expensive than water because:
  25. The average product is given as:
  26. In case of giffin good, price effect is:
  27. Identify the work of Irving Fisher:
  28. For monopolistic competitive firm:
  29. If the price of coffee increases, you would predict that:
  30. Any straight line supply which cuts the x-axis will have: