The efficiency of Diesel cycle with decrease in cut-off

A. Increases

B. Decreases

C. First increases and then decreases

D. First decreases and then increases

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  1. One kilowatt is equal to
  2. For same compression ratio and for same heat added
  3. A molecule consisting of one atom is known as
  4. The stress at which extension of the material takes place more quickly as compared to the increase in…
  5. The shear force at the centre of a simply supported beam with a gradually varying load from zero at…
  6. The property of a working substance which increases or decreases as the heat is supplied or removed…
  7. Charles' law states that all perfect gases change in volume by __________ of its original volume at…
  8. In the below figure, the stress corresponding to point D is
  9. Which of the following gas is mostly used in town for street and domestic lighting and heating?
  10. When shear force at a point is zero, then bending moment is _________ at that point.
  11. The absolute zero temperature is taken as
  12. The air standard efficiency of an Otto cycle is given by (where r = Compression ratio, and γ =…
  13. The unit of energy is S. I. units is
  14. A riveted joint in which every rivet of a row is opposite to other rivet of the outer row, is known…
  15. For the same maximum pressure and temperature,
  16. One kg of carbon monoxide requires 4/7 kg of oxygen and produces
  17. Elasticity of Mild Steel specimen is defined by
  18. The heating of gas at constant volume is governed by
  19. The efficiency of Stirling cycle is __________ Carnot cycle.
  20. The torque transmitted by a solid shaft of diameter (D) is (where τ = Maximum allowable shear stress)
  21. When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the maximum compressive stress is developed on the
  22. The process is adiabatic, if the value of n in the equation pvn = C, is
  23. Which of the following materials is most elastic?
  24. When wood is heated with a limited supply of air to a temperature not less than 280°C, the resulting…
  25. According to Avogadro's law
  26. The efficiency of Carnot cycle depends upon
  27. If both Stirling and Carnot cycles operate within the same temperature limits, then efficiency of Stirling…
  28. A continuous beam is one which is
  29. When a thin cylindrical shell is subjected to an internal pressure, the volumetric strain is (where…
  30. In an irreversible process, there is a