The endurance limit of a material with finished surface in comparison to rough surface is

A. More

B. Less

C. Same

D. More or less depending on quantum of load

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  1. The flank of the tooth is the
  2. When the connected members are very yielding (soft gasket) as compared to the bolt, then the resultant…
  3. The washer is generally specified by its
  4. The shock absorbing capacity of a bolt can be increased by
  5. Multiple threads are used to secure
  6. A screw is said to be over hauling screw, if its efficiency is
  7. In thrust bearings, the load acts
  8. Two helical springs of the same material and of equal circular crosssection, length and number of turns,…
  9. If two springs are in parallel then their overall stiffness will be
  10. The fatigue stress concentration factor is defined as
  11. Which of the following cotter joint will be used to connect strap end of a connecting rod?
  12. In case of V-belt drive
  13. A flange coupling is used to connect two shafts
  14. The property of a material which enables it to be drawn into wires with the application of a tensile…
  15. Pick up wrong statement. Fatigue strength can be increased by
  16. Which one of the following is a positive drive?
  17. According to Indian standards, total numbers of tolerance grades are
  18. The wire ropes make contact at
  19. Which is correct statement? Stress concentration in static loading is
  20. The included angle for the British Association thread is
  21. In leaf springs, the longest leaf is known as
  22. Fabric belts are used in industrial applications because
  23. A machine part subjected to __________ is called a strut.
  24. Tensile strength of a mild steel specimen can be roughly predicted from following hardness test
  25. A leaf spring in automobiles is used
  26. The ultimate strength of steel in tension in comparison to shear is in the ratio of
  27. When a material is subjected to fatigue loading, the ratio of the endurance limit to the ultimate tensile…
  28. The notch sensitivity q is expressed in terms of fatigue stress concentration factor Kf and theoretical…
  29. The standard length of the shaft is
  30. For unequal width of butt straps, the thicknesses of butt straps are