The engineering production function and engineering costs curves are concerned with the:

A. Production cost

B. Collection cost

C. Raw material costs

D. Distribution costs

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  1. In market sharing cartel model, cartel determines the shares of:
  2. The isoquant approach is:
  3. If the commodities X and Y are perfect complements then:
  4. The water diamond paradox was firstly resolved with the help of:
  5. The concept of period refers to:
  6. If as a result of a decrease in price, total outlay (expenditures) on a commodity increases, its price-elasticity…
  7. Which industries spend a relatively large share of their revenue on research and development in order…
  8. The substitution effect works to encourage a consumer to purchase more of a product when the price of…
  9. By reducing the prices of its products below those of its competitors, a perfectly competitive seller:
  10. MC = MR = AC = AR shows the long run equilibrium position of the:
  11. Which of the following formula determine the income elasticity of demand?:
  12. The isoquant approach is based upon:
  13. Efficient allocation of resources is likely to be achieved under:
  14. Identify the author of The Principles of political Economy and Taxation:
  15. In monopolistic competition, if a firm lowers its price, the rival firms will:
  16. 4.The Law of Diminishing Returns according to the modern view, applies to:
  17. The combination of labor and capital where the cost of a given output is minimized is known as:
  18. Under perfect competition, a firm will be in equilibrium if:
  19. By saying that monopolist create a contrived scarcity, economist mean that monopolist:
  20. The demand for cigarettes is price inelastic implying a unit tax on this commodity will
  21. The slope of indifference curve shows:
  22. Consumer surplus is the difference between
  23. In respect of which of the following category of goods is consumers surplus highest?
  24. The fixed cost of a firm:
  25. A monopolist has control over the price he charges for his product. He will be able to maximize his…
  26. A demand curve which is horizontal and parallel to x-axis represents:
  27. A budget line shows:
  28. In cournot model, each firm makes decision regarding:
  29. A monopoly producer has:
  30. According to Cobb-Douglas, in production function the marginal product of labor is: