The equation, (d loge PA/d loge xA) = (d loge PA/d loge xB) applicable to a binary solution of components. A and B in equilibrium with their vapors at constant temperature and pressure is called the __________ equation.

A. Van Laar

B. Margules

C. Gibbs-Duhem

D. Gibbs-Duhem-Margules

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  1. In case of the decomposition of hydroiodic acid (2HI H2 + I2), addition of H2 (at equilibrium condition)…
  2. At a given temperature, the volume of a gas dissolved in a solvent __________ with increase in pressure.
  3. Specific heat of a gas for a reversible adiabatic process is
  4. Gibbs free energy (F) is defined as
  5. Claude gas liquefaction process employs cooling
  6. For an ideal gas, the activity co-efficient is
  7. The compressibility factor of a gas is given by (where, V1 = actual volume of the gas V2 = gas volume…
  8. At the absolute zero temperature, the entropy of every perfectly crystalline substance becomes zero.…
  9. Throttling (Joule-Thomson effect) process is a constant __________ process.
  10. Maxwell's relation corresponding to the identity, dH = dS = Vdp + Σμi dni is
  11. Degrees of freedom at triple point will be
  12. The expression for entropy change, ΔS = n Cp . ln (T2/T1), is valid for the __________ of a substance.
  13. Equation which relates pressure, volume and temperature of a gas is called the
  14. The most important application of distribution law is in
  15. Equilibrium constant decreases as the temperature
  16. Claude's liquefaction process employs the cooling of gases by
  17. Joule-Thomson co-efficient is defined as
  18. Fugacity is most helpful in
  19. Entropy, which is a measure of the disorder of a system, is:
  20. Trouton's ratio of __________ liquids is calculated using Kistyakowsky equation.
  21. Compressibility factor (i.e., the ratio of actual volume of gas to the volume predicted by ideal gas…
  22. For a spontaneous process, free energy
  23. Which is an example of closed system?
  24. When a gas in a vessel expands, its internal energy decreases. The process involved is
  25. Compressibility factor for almost all the gases are approximately same at the same
  26. For multi-component multiple phases to be in equilibrium at the same pressure and temperature, the __________…
  27. Joule-Thomson co-efficient which is defined as, η = (∂T/∂P)H = 1/Cp (∂H/∂T)P,…
  28. A Carnot cycle consists of the following steps:
  29. As pressure approaches zero, the ratio of fugacity to pressure (f/P) for a gas approaches
  30. Clausius-Clapeyron Equation gives accurate result, when the