What is the correct answer?


The equilibrium constant for a chemical reaction at two different temperatures is given by

A. Kp2/Kp1 = - (ΔH/R) (1/T2 - 1/T1)

B. Kp2/Kp1 = (ΔH/R) (1/T2 - 1/T1)

C. Kp2/Kp1 = ΔH (1/T2 - 1/T1)

D. Kp2/Kp1 = - (1/R) (1/T2 - 1/T1)

Correct Answer :

A. Kp2/Kp1 = - (ΔH/R) (1/T2 - 1/T1)

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