The escape velocity of a body on earth which is independent of its mass is about __________ km/second.

A. 3

B. 7

C. 11

D. 15

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  1. Energy to be supplied to the radioactive nucleus for the emission of a neutron is __________ MeV.
  2. Cold chisel & hammers are made of
  3. An oxidation process is accompanied with decrease in the
  4. The most important function of a washer is to provide bearing area and washers are normally specified…
  5. One of the methods of purification of leach liquor is ion exchange, which involves
  6. Pick out the wrong statement.
  7. A pycnometer is used for the measurement of
  8. Rankine cycle comprises of two isothermal and two __________ processes.
  9. Galvanic corrosion cannot be prevented by
  10. Cold chisels hammers are made of
  11. Diameter of the rivet to be provided on a 20 mm. thick boiler plate will be __________ mm.
  12. Evaporative cooling process employs a combination of cooling and humidification in which the
  13. The cathode in an electrochemical cell always carries
  14. The minimum and the maximum number of members required to form a Private Limited Joint Stock Company…
  15. The emf of a Deniell cell Zn | Zn2+ || Cu2+ | Cu can be increased by
  16. Heat transfer to the water wall in a high pressure water wall type boiler furnace is mainly by
  17. __________ circuit is most commonly used to measure strain with the help of a strain gauge.
  18. Alcohols are not suitable as diesel engine fuel because the cetane number of alcohols is
  19. Function of gear box is to
  20. Pick out the wrong statement.
  21. The approximate height of a blast furnace having a useful volume of 2000 m3 is about __________ metres
  22. In an amorphous material, atoms defy any definite atomic structure and exist in random pattern just…
  23. __________ is not used as a material of construction in thermocouples.
  24. Which of the following materials has the least scrap value?
  25. The process of removal of scale formed during hot rolling of steel is termed as
  26. Thermistors are used in __________ devices.
  27. When dry bulb temperature & wet bulb temperature of moist air is the same, it means that the
  28. Which of the following has the least value of ultimate tensile strength (UTS)?
  29. Shampoos are commercially not available in the form of
  30. Factor of safety in machine design is defined as the ratio of ultimate stress to __________ stress.