The evaporator changes the low pressure liquid refrigerant from the expansion valve into

A. High pressure liquid refrigerant

B. Low pressure liquid and vapour refrigerant

C. Low pressure vapour refrigerant

D. None of these

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  1. A refrigerant compressor is used to
  2. Highest temperature encountered in refrigeration cycle should be
  3. The thermostatic expansion valve is also called
  4. In a vapour compression refrigeration system, a throttle valve is used in place of an expander because
  5. For obtaining high COP, the pressure range of compressor should be
  6. A standard ice point temperature corresponds to the temperature of
  7. The human body feels comfortable when the heat stored in the body is
  8. A certain refrigerating system has a normal operating suction pressure of 10 kg/cm gauge and condensing…
  9. The humidification process, on the psychrometric chart is shown by
  10. During sensible cooling of air ________ decreases.
  11. The sensible heat factor during cooling and dehumidification process is given by (where h₁ =…
  12. Which of the following refrigerant has the lowest freezing point?
  13. The C.O.P. of an absorption type refrigerator is given by (where T₁ = Temperature at which the…
  14. The vertical and uniformly spaced lines on a psychrometric chart indicates
  15. Condensing temperature in a refrigerator is the temperature
  16. The higher temperature in vapour compression cycle occurs at
  17. During dehumidification process, __________ remains constant.
  18. The condition of refrigerant as it leaves the compressor in a vapour compression system is
  19. Moisture should be removed from refrigerants to avoid
  20. In case of sensible cooling of air, the coil efficiency is given by
  21. The value of C.O.P in vapour compression cycle is usually
  22. In a flooded evaporator refrigerator, an accumulator at suction of compressor is used to
  23. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  24. In a vapour absorption refrigeration system, the compressor of the vapour compression system is replaced…
  25. A heat pump working on a reversed Carnot cycle has a C.O.P. of 5. It works as a refrigerator taking…
  26. Short horizontal lines on pressure-enthalpy chart show
  27. The coefficient of performance is the ratio of the refrigerant effect to the
  28. The capillary tube is not used in large capacity refrigeration systems because
  29. In a lithium bromide absorption refrigeration system
  30. Which of the following refrigerant has the lowest boiling point?