The example of spherical pair is

A. Bolt and nut

B. Lead screw of a lathe

C. Ball and socket joint

D. Ball bearing and roller bearing

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  1. In a four bar chain or quadric cycle chain
  2. For the brake to be self locking, the force P at C shown in the below figure, should
  3. Bifilar suspension method is used to find the
  4. The secondary unbalanced force is __________ the primary unbalanced force.
  5. Minimum number of teeth for involute rack and pinion arrangement for pressure angle of 20° is
  6. If the number of links in a mechanism is equal to l, then the numbers of possible inversions are equal…
  7. Hammer blow
  8. If the rotating mass of a rim type flywheel is distributed on another rim type flywheel whose mean radius…
  9. Which type of gear train is used in clock mechanism to join hour hand and minute hand?
  10. In a drag link quick return mechanism, the shortest link is always fixed. The sum of the shortest and…
  11. The frictional torque transmitted in a flat collar bearing, considering uniform wear, is (where r₁…
  12. If ω/ωn is very high for a body vibrating under steady state vibrations, the phase angle for…
  13. The motion between a pair when limited to a definite direction, irrespective of the direction of force…
  14. In steady state forced vibrations, the amplitude of vibrations at resonance is __________ damping coefficient.
  15. The unbalanced force due to revolving masses
  16. In a simple train of wheels, the velocity ratio __________ the intermediate wheels.
  17. The mechanism in which two are turning pairs and two are sliding pairs, is called a
  18. Davis steering gear consists of
  19. Efficiency of a screw jack is given by
  20. The secondary unbalanced force is maximum when the angle of inclination of the crank with the line of…
  21. In vibration isolation system, the transmissibility will be equal to unity, for all values of damping…
  22. The included angle for the V-belt is usually
  23. If the radius of gyration of a compound pendulum about an axis through e.g. is more, then its frequency…
  24. Rectangular bar in a rectangular hole is the following type of pair
  25. Longitudinal vibrations are said to occur when the particles of a body moves
  26. The radius of a friction circle for a shaft rotating inside a bearing is (where r = Radius of shaft,…
  27. A foot step bearing and rotor of a vertical turbine form examples of
  28. Throw of a cam is the maximum distance of the follower from
  29. The following is the inversion of slider crank chain mechanism
  30. Elements of pairs held together mechanically is known as