The factor which affects the tool life is

A. Tool geometry

B. Cutting speed

C. Feed rate

D. All of these

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  1. The grooving is an operation of
  2. In a single point tool, the angle between the surface of the flank immediately below the point and a…
  3. The type of tool used on lathe, shaper and planer is
  4. The drill spindles are provided with standard taper known as
  5. A diamond locating pin is used in jigs and fixtures because
  6. Which of the following statement is incorrect with reference of lathe cutting tools?
  7. A lead-screw with half nuts in a lathe, free to rotate in both directions has
  8. Broaching is applied for machining
  9. The vector sum of cutting velocity and chip velocity is __________ shear velocity.
  10. The tool life is affected by
  11. In metal machining, the zone where the maximum heat is generated due to the plastic deformation of metal,…
  12. A better machinable metal is one which gives
  13. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  14. The increase in depth of cut and feed rate __________ surface finish.
  15. A type of welding flows, which is the result of a perfect proportion and mixture of acetylene and oxygen…
  16. The cutting tool in a milling machine is mounted on
  17. Two 1 mm thick steel sheets are to be spot welded at a current of 5000 A. Assuming effective resistance…
  18. The purpose of jigs and fixtures is to
  19. In a plain milling machine, the table can be moved
  20. Which of the following statement is correct regarding grinding of high carbon steel?
  21. Soft materials can not be economically ground due to
  22. Which of the following statement is correct as regard to up milling?
  23. Hard and tough materials like cast iron should be turned at
  24. The effective number of lattice points in the unit cell of simple cubic, body centred cubic, and face…
  25. In drilling operation, the metal is removed by
  26. In which of the following machine, the work remains stationary and the tool is rotated?
  27. Quality screw threads are produced by
  28. Climb milling is chosen while machining because
  29. The depth of cut in drilling is __________ the drill diameter.
  30. In electro discharge machining, tool is made of