The firing order in an I.C. engine depends upon

A. Arrangement of the cylinders

B. Design of crankshaft

C. Number of cylinders

D. All of these

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  1. The minimum cranking speed in case of petrol engine is about
  2. A gas engine has a swept volume of 300 cm3 and clearance volume of 25 cm3. Its volumetric efficiency…
  3. Which of the following is not an interns combustion engine?
  4. If the compression ratio in I.C. engine increases, then its thermal efficiency will
  5. The brake power is the power available
  6. Pour point of fuel oil is the
  7. The operation of forcing additional air under pressure in the engine cylinder is known as
  8. The thermal efficiency of petrol and gas engines is about
  9. The cetane (C16H34) which is a straight chain paraffin, is assigned a cetane number of
  10. The accumulation of carbon in a cylinder results in increase of
  11. Combustion in compression ignition engines is
  12. High speed compression engines operate on
  13. Which one of the following event would reduce volumetric efficiency of a vertical compression ignition…
  14. The calorific value of gaseous fuels is expressed in terms of
  15. The correct mixture strength (by weight) for petrol is about
  16. In a typical medium speed 4-stroke cycle diesel engine
  17. The delay period in compression ignition engines depends upon
  18. The ratio of the volume of charge admitted at N.T.P. to the swept volume of the piston is called
  19. Which of the following fuel has little tendency towards detonation?
  20. Compression loss in I.C engines occurs due to
  21. The theoretically correct mixture of air and petrol is
  22. The voltage required to produce a spark across the gap, between the sparking points is
  23. For maximum power generation, the air fuel ratio for a petrol engine for vehicles, is of the order of
  24. The increase of cooling water temperature in petrol engine will __________ the knocking tendency.
  25. Solid fuel fabricated into various small shapes, which are assembled to form fuel elements, is in the…
  26. The ignition of the charge by some hot surface within the engine before the passage of spark is called
  27. Fuel consumption of diesel engines is not guaranteed at one quarter load because at such low loads
  28. The basic requirement of a good combustion chamber is
  29. The ratio of the indicated thermal efficiency to the air standard efficiency is known as
  30. A stoichiometric air-fuel ratio is