What is the correct answer?


The following diagram represents a structure chromosome.
Identify the structures marked as A, B and C.

A. A - Satellite, B - Primary constriction, C - Acrocentric

B. A - Satellite, B - Secondary constriction, C - Metacentric

C. A - Satellite, B - Centromere, C - Telocentric

D. A - Satellite, B - Centromere, C - Submetacentric

Correct Answer :

B. A - Satellite, B - Secondary constriction, C - Metacentric

The figure shows the structure of metacentric (C) chromosomes. The parts marked as A and B are respectively are satellite and secondary constriction. Metacentric chromosomes have the centromere in the centre, due to which both sections are of equal length. Human chromosome 1 and 3 are metacentric.

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