The freezer in a refrigerator is placed near the top

A. to keep it away from the hot compressor which is near the bottom

B. because of convenience

C. so that it can cool the whole interior by setting up convection currents

D. to prevent too much cooling

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  1. The Space Application Centre for training in Satellite Communication Technology is located at
  2. When a swing la drawn to a side Its potential energy In relation to the earth
  3. Chronometer la an instrument to measure
  4. Holography is the technique of
  5. One can be recognised by his voice alone due to the factor of
  6. Which of the following can produce electricity?
  7. The Milky Way is
  8. We see the flash of lightning before hearing the thunder because
  9. The minimum velocity required by a satellite to escape earth's gravitational pull is
  10. The electron has a mass equal to
  11. A tube light works on the principle of
  12. The distance between two bodies is halved. Now the force of attraction between them will be
  13. Solids have definite shapes. This is because
  14. When one enters a dark room after being in bright light one is not able to see anything clearly for…
  15. A radio set that uses valves does not start operating immediately when it is switched on whereas a set…
  16. A hydrogen bomb is based on
  17. A simple mercury barometer is found in a slightly slanting position. The atmospheric pressure
  18. The enormous energy released in nuclear and thermonuclear reactions is due to conversion of
  19. The speed of sound in air at 0° C is approximately
  20. A spherical mirror is
  21. Thick brick walls are used in the construction or a cold storage because bricks
  22. It is difficult to bon potatoes at the top or a mountain because
  23. The number of galaxies that are visible without telescope on clear dark nights and away from bright…
  24. Which metal is used in storage batteries?
  25. Photo-electric cells convert
  26. A rod of brass la held in hand and rubbed with fur. The rod is found to have
  27. The ozone layer absorbs
  28. Mercury is used in a barometer because
  29. The mirage is a phenomenon
  30. Nuclear fusion is a process in which