The fuel mostly used in steam boilers is

A. Brown coal

B. Peat

C. Coking bituminous coal

D. Non-coking bituminous coal

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  1. A continuous beam is one which is
  2. The efficiency of Diesel cycle approaches to Otto cycle efficiency when
  3. One kg of carbon monoxide requires _______kg of oxygen to produce 11/7 kg of carbon dioxide gas.
  4. The efficiency of Carnot cycle depends upon
  5. The general gas energy equation is (where Q1 - 2 = Heat supplied, dU = Change in internal energy, and…
  6. The specific heat at constant volume is
  7. The mass of excess air supplied is equal to
  8. When a closely-coiled helical spring of mean diameter (D) is subjected to an axial load (W), the stiffness…
  9. Efficiency of a riveted joint is the ratio of its strength (max. load it can resist without failure)…
  10. Diamond riveted joint can be adopted in the case of following type of joint
  11. When a body is subjected to a direct tensile stress (σ) in one plane, then maximum normal stress…
  12. The mass of carbon per kg of flue gas is given by
  13. Two shafts 'A' and 'B' transmit the same power. The speed of shaft 'A' is 250 r.p.m. and that of shaft…
  14. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water through one Kelvin is called
  15. In a uniform bar, supported at one end in position, the maximum stress under self weight of bar shall…
  16. The state of a substance whose evaporation from its liquid state is complete, is known as
  17. The air standard efficiency of an Otto cycle is given by (where r = Compression ratio, and γ =…
  18. Hooke's law holds good up to
  19. Strain energy is the
  20. Workdone in a free expansion process is
  21. A riveted joint in which the number otrivets decrease from innermost to outer most rows is called
  22. The efficiency of Diesel cycle increases with
  23. The assumption made in Euler's column theory is that
  24. The stress necessary to initiate yielding is
  25. The change of entropy, when heat is absorbed by the gas, is
  26. A column of length (l) with both ends fixed may be considered as equivalent to a column of length __________…
  27. The main cause for the irreversibility is
  28. The bending equation is
  29. A steel bar of 5 mm is heated from 25°C to 45°C and it is free to expand. The bar will induce
  30. Which of the following process can be made reversible with the help of a regenerator?