The function of a cell wall is

A. to give definite shape to the cell

B. to provide mechanical strength and protection to the cell

C. to prevent the cell from desiccation

D. All the above

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  1. Who was the first scientist to use an instrument for biological studies in 1665?
  2. Blood cancer is otherwise called
  3. The spider spins its web from a liquid secreting from its
  4. Mendel chose for his experiments the plant
  5. The acid that is secreted in the stomach is
  6. Lamarck's theory of inheritance of acquired characters was challenged by
  7. Wallace's line is a line
  8. A few infections like sore throat, whooping cough and tuberculosis are carried through the respiratory…
  9. What are oncogenes?
  10. The energy for the sperm to swim and reach the egg is provided by
  11. Which of the following is NOT a viral disease?
  12. Antisnake venom is prepared by
  13. Measles is caused by
  14. Which one of the following seeds can benefit a patient of diabetes mellitus by normalising his blood…
  15. Jaundice is caused by a/an
  16. Milk fever in cows occurs due to lack of
  17. The science dealing with diseases of plants is called
  18. The layer of stagnant water in which light penetrates is called
  19. Bats can fly in the dark because
  20. The thrombocytes are associated with
  21. Phototropism means that plants react to the direction of
  22. Which one of the following was probably absent in the atmosphere at the time of origin of life?
  23. Who considered evolution as due to mutation?
  24. Infection of salivary glands by a virus leads to
  25. The valve between the right auricle and right ventricle is called
  26. The blood without corpuscles is called
  27. When a movement of a plant organ is stimulated by contact with an object, it is termed
  28. It is possible to produce seedless tomato fruits by
  29. Biological control is to check growth of
  30. Agroecology relates