The general law for the expansion or compression of gases, is

A. pv = C

B. pv = m R T

C. pvn = C

D. pvγ = C

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  1. The specific heat of water is
  2. In open cycle gas turbine plants
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  4. Diesel cycle consists of following four processes
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  6. Diamond riveted joint can be adopted in the case of following type of joint
  7. The torque transmitted by a solid shaft of diameter (D) is (where τ = Maximum allowable shear stress)
  8. The efficiency and work ratio of a simple gas turbine cycle are
  9. Which of the following gas is mostly used in town for street and domestic lighting and heating?
  10. The strain energy stored in a solid circular shaft in torsion, subjected to shear stress (τ), is:…
  11. The heat and mechanical energies are mutually convertible. This statement was established by
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  15. In the below figure, the plastic range occurs
  16. The materials which exhibit the same elastic properties in all directions are called
  17. A concentrated load is one which
  18. A continuous beam is one which is
  19. If a part is constrained to move and heated, it will develop
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  22. One kg of carbon monoxide requires __________ kg of oxygen to produce 11/7 kg of carbon dioxide gas.
  23. The general gas energy equation is (where Q1 - 2 = Heat supplied, dU = Change in internal energy, and…
  24. The area under the temperature-entropy curve (T - s curve) of any thermodynamic process represents
  25. The extremeties of any diameter on Mohr's circle represent
  26. The buckling load for a given material depends on
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  29. The heating of gas at constant volume is governed by
  30. One molecule of oxygen consists of __________ atoms of oxygen.