The general law of expansion or compression is pvn = C, The process is said to be hyperbolic, if n is equal to

A. 0

B. 1

C. γ


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  1. When it is indicated that a member is elastic, it means that when force is applied, it will
  2. A cylindrical section having no joint is known as
  3. The section modulus of a circular section about an axis through its C.G., is
  4. The maximum bending moment for the beam shown in the below figure, is
  5. A composite shaft consisting of two stepped portions having spring constants K₁ and K₂…
  6. Reversed joule cycle is called
  7. When a body is subjected to biaxial stress i.e. direct stresses (σx) and (σy) in two mutually…
  8. Which of the following statement is correct?
  9. A steel bar of 5 mm is heated from 25°C to 45°C and it is free to expand. The bar will induce
  10. The heat and work are mutually convertible. This statement is called __________ law of thermodynamics.
  11. The compression ratio for petrol engines is
  12. The efficiency and work ratio of a simple gas turbine cycle are
  13. The ratio of root mean square velocity to average velocity of gas molecules at a particular temperature…
  14. In a tensile test, near the elastic limit zone, the
  15. The value of gas constant (R) in S. I. units is
  16. Select the correct statement as per Charles' law
  17. The efficiency of the dual combustion cycle for the same compression ratio is __________ Diesel cycle.
  18. The neutral axis of the cross-section a beam is that axis at which the bending stress is
  19. Modular ratio of two materials is the ratio of
  20. The buckling load for a given material depends on
  21. The efficiency of Diesel cycle depends upon
  22. A cycle consisting of two isothermal and two isentropic processes, is known as
  23. The mass of flue gas per kg of fuel is the ratio of the
  24. The area under the temperature-entropy curve (T - s curve) of any thermodynamic process represents
  25. Steam coal is a
  26. When the gas is heated at constant volume, the heat supplied
  27. A masonry dam may fail due to
  28. According to Avogadro's law
  29. The kinetic energy per kg molecule of any gas at absolute temperature T is equal to (where Ru = Universal…
  30. When coal is strongly heated continuously for 42 to 48 hours in the absence of air in a closed vessel,…