The giffen paradox is an exception to law of:

A. Supply

B. Demand

C. Production

D. Consumption

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  1. Stable cobweb model is a:
  2. The pay-off matrix shows:
  3. The relationship between price effect, income effect and substitution effect is:
  4. Increase in demand occurs when:
  5. Nash equilibrium says:
  6. Marshallian demand function is also known as:
  7. Gold is bought and sold in a:
  8. Necessary condition for consumer equilibrium is:
  9. A normal profit is:
  10. If X and Y are close substitutes, a rise in the price of X will lead to:
  11. Competitors in monopolistic competition have full control over:
  12. The long run average cost curve is:
  13. LMC represents change in LTC (long-run total cost) due to producing an additional unit of a good while…
  14. The normal long-run average cost curve is influenced by the:
  15. When total product increases at a decreasing rate:
  16. All the firms with identical costs under perfect competition well, in the long-run, earn only:
  17. Price discrimination occurs when:
  18. MRSxy measures:
  19. Two policy variables, product and selling activities in the theory of firm was introduced by:
  20. Opportunity costs are also known as:
  21. According to Marshal, the Law of Diminishing Returns is applicable to:
  22. In Edgeworth model, price remains:
  23. At high prices, demand is likely to be:
  24. Who is the author of the famous work Asian Drama: An Enquiry intro the Causes of Poverty of Nations?
  25. Which of the following is not a property of indifference curve?
  26. Which of the following curves is a rectangular hyperbola?
  27. Elasticity (E) expressed by the term, 8 >E>1, is:
  28. Production is a function of:
  29. Classical production function is:
  30. The horizontal demand curve for a commodity shows that its demand is: