What is the correct answer?


The given characters are seen in which of the following group?
(i) Unicellular, colonial, filamentous, marine or terrestrial forms.
(ii) The colonies are surrounded by a gelatinous sheath.
(iii) Some can fix atmospheric nitrogen in specialized cells called heterocysts.
(iv) They often form blooms in water bodies.

A. Archaebacteria

B. Cyanobacteria

C. Chrysophytes

D. Dinoflagellates

Correct Answer :

B. Cyanobacteria

Cyanobacteria are aquatic and photosynthetic, i.e., they live in the water, and can manufacture their own food. They are quite small and usually unicellular, though they often grow in colonies large enough to see. They are the first organisms to make the atmosphere aerobic.

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