What is the correct answer?


The given diagram shows the types of chromosomes (labelled as A, B, C & D) based on the position of centromere.
Which one is the correct option for the labelled chromosomes. A, B, C and D ?

A. A Telocentric chromosome, B Acrocentric chromosome, C Submetacentric chromosome, D Metacentric chromosome

B. A Acrocentric chromosome, B Telocentric chromosome, C Metacentric chromosome, D Submetacentric chromosome

C. A Submetacentric chromosome, B Metacentric chromosome, C Telocentric chromosome, D Acrocentric chromosome

D. A Metacentric chromosome, B Submetacentric chromosome, C Acrocentric chromosome, D Telocentric chromosome.

Correct Answer :

A. A Telocentric chromosome, B Acrocentric chromosome, C Submetacentric chromosome, D Metacentric chromosome

The figures (A, B, C and D) are respectively telocentric chromosomes, acrocentric chromosomes, sub metacentric chromosomes and metacentric chromosomes. These chromosomes are classified on the basis of location of centromere.

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