What is the correct answer?


The given figure (A, B, and C) shows different types of roots. Identify the root which is seen in wheat plant and originate from the base of the stem? 

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. Both A and B

Correct Answer :

B. B

Figure A, B and C are respectively tap root, fibrous root and adventitious root. The root branches of the primary root are called as Taproot system. The monocotyledons will have the primary root as short-lived and has many numbers of small lateral roots. These roots develop at the stem base and they form a root system called as fibrous root system, which is observed in the wheat plant (monocot). In some plants like banyan tree, monstera, and grass, parts of the plant other than radicle will be responsible for the development of root system called as adventitious root system.

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