The graphical representation of a query is .

A. B-Tree

B. graph

C. Query Tree

D. directed graph

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  1. DBMS is a collection of _____ that enables user to create and maintain a database.
  2. The clause in SQL that specifies that the query result should be sorted in ascending or descending order…
  3. Which normal form is considered adequate for normal relational database design?
  4. A weak entity has an ______ dependency on its owner entity, which can be used for both ON UPDATE and…
  5. Which of the following ensures the atomicity of the transaction?
  6. Which of the following concurrency control schemes is not based on the serializability property?
  7. The data models defined by ANSI/SPARC architecture are
  8. Relational Algebra is
  9. Protection of data from unauthorized Disclosure results in loss of _______
  10. An outstanding functionality of SQL is its support for automatic_____ to the target data.
  11. If two relations R and S are joined, then the non matching tuples of both R and S are ignored in
  12. In an ER diagram the ___shape specifies the Attibute and a ____ shape specifies the primary key attribute.
  13. Tree structures are used to store data in
  14. The division operator divides a dividend A of degree m+n by a divisor relation B of degree n and produces…
  15. The ______ indexes are forced to store only record IDs in the data structure and require at least one…
  16. An advantage of the database management approach is
  17. DFD stands for
  18. If the closure of an attribute set is the entire relation then the attribute set is a
  19. By ______ an area on disk in certain ways, one can make it represent a bit value of either zero (0)…
  20. The language that requires a user to specify the data to be retrieved without specifying exactly how…
  21. Checkpoints are a part of
  22. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a relational database model?
  23. Cascading rollback is avoided in all protocol except
  24. Which of the following statement on the view concept in SQL is invalid?
  25. Which two files are used during operation of the DBMS?
  26. ______defines the structure of a relation which consists of a fixed set of attribute-domain pairs.
  27. In E-R Diagram total participation is represented by
  28. The values of the attribute describes a particular
  29. HSAM stands for ……….
  30. The one guideline to be followed while designing the database is