The grooving is an operation of

A. Bevelling the extreme end of a workpiece

B. Embossing a diamond shaped pattern on the surface of a workpiece

C. Reducing the diameter of a workpiece over a very narrow surface

D. Enlarging the end of a hole cylindrically

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  1. For machining a cast iron workpiece by a high speed steel tool, the average cutting speed is
  2. The tail stock set over method of taper turning is preferred for
  3. Which of the following engineering materials is the most suitable candidate for hot chamber die casting?
  4. The silicon carbide abrasive is chiefly used for grinding
  5. The tool may fail due to
  6. Negative rakes are used for
  7. The negative rake is usually provided on
  8. In machining metals, chips break due to __________ of work material.
  9. Threading is an operation of
  10. The chuck preferred for quick setting and accurate centering of a job is
  11. What is the type of welding defect is caused due to stresses on heating and cooling called?
  12. The in-feed grinding is used to
  13. The lip angle of a single point tool is usually
  14. Match the following metal forming processes with their associated stresses in the work piece. Metal…
  15. The work or surface speed for cylindrical grinding varies from
  16. The example of snag grinding is
  17. The material which on machining produces chips with built up edge is
  18. In a metal arc welding process, metal transfer across the arc may take place by a method of material…
  19. In the relation VTn = C, the value of n for ceramic tools is
  20. The cutting force in punching and blanking operations mainly depends on
  21. The rear teeth of a broach
  22. Hard and tough materials like cast iron should be turned at
  23. A grinding wheel is said to be of _________ if the abrasive grains can be easily dislodged.
  24. The main purpose of spheroidising treatment is to improve
  25. The lead screw of a lathe has _________ threads.
  26. The common welding error that occurs due to shrinkage of weld metal, faulty clamping of parts, faulty…
  27. The cutting speed of a drill depends upon the
  28. In machining metals, surface roughness is due to
  29. For turning internal tapers, the suitable method is
  30. Trepanning is performed for