What is the correct answer?


The heat transfer by conduction through a thick cylinder (Q) is given by (where T₁ = Higher temperature, T₂ = Lower temperature, r₁ = Inside radius, r₂ = Outside radius, l = Length of cylinder, and k = Thermal conductivity)

A. Q = [2πlk (T₁ - T₂)]/2.3 log (r₂/r₁)

B. Q = 2.3 log (r₂/r₁)/[2πlk (T₁ - T₂)]

C. Q = [2π (T₁ - T₂)]/2.3 lk log (r₂/r₁)

D. Q = = 2πlk/2.3 (T₁ - T₂) log (r₂/r₁)

Correct Answer :

A. Q = [2πlk (T₁ - T₂)]/2.3 log (r₂/r₁)

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