The high strength of rapid hardening cement at early stage, is due to its

A. Finer grinding

B. Burning at high temperature

C. Increased lime cement

D. Higher content of tricalcium

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  1. A concrete using an air entrained cement
  2. Cube strength of controlled concrete to be used for pre-tensioned and post-tensioned work respectively…
  3. Stress strain curve of high tensile steel
  4. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
  5. If the depth of moist sand in a cylinder is 15 cm and the depth of the sand when fully inundated with…
  6. If a beam fails in bond, then its bond strength can be increased most economically by
  7. Slump test of concrete is a measure of its
  8. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
  9. The specifications of a cement bag for storage, are
  10. The maximum thickness of concrete floor of a cement warehouse, is
  11. For preparing a test-specimen, it is necessary
  12. Cement used for normal concrete construction, is obtained by burning a mixture of
  13. The aggregate containing moisture in pores and having its surface dry, is known as
  14. Minimum grade of concrete to be used in reinforced concrete as per IS: 4561978 is
  15. Sands of zone I are:
  16. Sand generally contains salt if it is obtained from:
  17. For walls, columns and vertical faces of all structural members, the form work is generally removed…
  18. Which of the following R.C. retaining walls is suitable for heights beyond 6 m?
  19. Workability of concrete is directly proportional to
  20. Workability of concrete for a given water content is good if the aggregates, are
  21. In case of hand mixing of concrete, the extra cement to be added is
  22. To ensure constant moisture content in aggregates
  23. Allowable shear strength of concrete, depends upon
  24. Maximum distance between expansion joints in structures as per IS: 456 1978 is
  25. The high strength of rapid hardening cement at early stage, is due to its
  26. Transport of concrete by pumps, is done for a distance of
  27. The load factors for live load and dead load are taken respectively as
  28. In a pile of length l, the points of suspension from ends for lifting it are located at
  29. The process of proper and accurate measurement of concrete ingredients for uniformity of proportion,…
  30. Curing a concrete for long period ensures better