The following questions consist of a single sentence with one blank only. You are given six words as answer choices and from the six choices you have to pick up two correct answers, either of which will make the sentence meaningfully complete.

What is the correct answer?


The Hollywood star and the Bollywood heroine are being.........
as the next big onscreen couple. (1) labeled (2) explained (3) worshiped (4) touted (5) exclaimed (6) shouted

A. (2) and (4)

B. (1) and (3)

C. (2) and (6)

D. (1) and (4)

Correct Answer :

D. (1) and (4)

Next big thing is always a projection or a decision based on current situation. It is neither worshipped nor shouted nor explained. Rather next big thing is touted or labeled on basis of projection.

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