The hydraulic jack to lift heavy vehicles in automobile service stations is one of the applications of

A. Pascal's law

B. Principle of Archimedes

C. Boyle's law

D. Hooke's law

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  1. The world's first artificial satellite Sputnik I was launched by Russia in
  2. A solar eclipse occurs when the earth, the sun and the moon are in a straight line, and
  3. A person does not sink in the Dead Sea because
  4. Increase in pressure
  5. The orbit of Venus lies between those of
  6. The solar wind is composed of
  7. Cosmic rays contain
  8. The instrument used to determine the RD (Relative Density) of a liquid by the principle of floatation…
  9. The device that is used to measure the electromotive force of a cell is
  10. The power of a lens is
  11. The heat produced in a conductor due to the passage of a current through it is proportional to
  12. Tea pots are highly polished
  13. When a steel ball is placed on the surface of mercury, it does not sink because
  14. Who discovered that the Cree Call acceleration Is the same for any object at a given place?
  15. The principle on which a Jet engine works is
  16. We see the sun before it actually rises on the horizon. This is due to
  17. The number of galaxies that are visible without telescope on clear dark nights and away from bright…
  18. The maximum range of most TV signals is from 121 to 240 km only because
  19. A man weighing 50 kg floats on water in a lake. His apparent weight is
  20. X-rays were discovered by
  21. Water kept in an earthen pot is less cool on rainy days than in summer because during the rainy days
  22. At temperature near OK, (zero kelvin) metals such as lead and tin become
  23. Which mirror is used as a rear view mirror in Vehicles?
  24. In the fuse of an electrical installation blows out
  25. A lactometer la used to
  26. When a bottle of perfume la opened in one corner of a room the smell spreads soon throughout the room.…
  27. When sound waves travel from one medium to another, the quantity which remains unchanged is its
  28. The velocity of sound in air
  29. The period of oscillation of a simple pendulum depends upon
  30. A man stands in a lift which accelerates upwards. The resultant reaction force on the floor of the lift…