The hypoglossal nerves are the pairs of the spinal nerves

A. First pair

B. Second pair

C. Third pair

D. Fourth pair

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  1. Hormones are carried from their place of production by
  2. What ia leukaemia?
  3. Haemophilia is a hereditary disease carried by
  4. The best and easy method of control of crop pests is by
  5. Hormone promoting maleness in flowering plants is
  6. Which of the following organelles is known as the 'power House' of the cell?
  7. The geotropism of the roots that makes them grow towards gravity is said to be
  8. Lactose and Rennin, the enzymes required to digest milk, disappear in the human body by the age of _______…
  9. Vessels leaving the heart are
  10. Total number of amino acids in plants is
  11. Which of the following contains the highest protein content per gram?
  12. Hormones are carried from their place of production by
  13. Cancer is induced by certain viruses called
  14. The most accepted theory of the origin of earth is the fiery origin which was propounded by
  15. Organisms that live in the deep sea are mainly
  16. Saliva flows at the sight of food. This action is
  17. The biologist who believed in the spontaneous creation of microorganisms was
  18. The disease in which blood clotting does not take place is known as
  19. Which among, the following is a solid lubricant?
  20. Riboflavin is otherwise known as
  21. Afforestation means
  22. The grouping o( blood is based on substances called
  23. A biopsy is performed on a patient generally to detect which one of the following?
  24. The saliva contains an enzyme called
  25. Cretinism is due to the disorder of the glands
  26. The study of heart is called
  27. Sexual selection theory was propounded by
  28. Synthesis of nutrients by green plants is called
  29. Damage to hearing is caused by sounds which exceed
  30. Fledgling is a term often used to denote the young one of a