The idea of Directive principles of state policy has been borrowed from the Constitution of

A. Japan

B. Canada

C. France

D. Ireland

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  1. The total number of fundamental duties mentioned is the constitution of India now is
  2. Which of the following was the biggest source for the Constitution of India ?
  3. Mahatma Gandhi often stressed the importance of villages and wanted the establishment of 'Gram Raj'…
  4. Of the following, which country is not the permanent member of the Security Council
  5. Judiciary is one of three branches of modern governments. In some governments the principle of judicial…
  6. In the general elections to the 13th Lok Sabha, the Congress Party secured
  7. The parliamentary set up in the Indian constitution has been adopted from
  8. Which of the following is true for the Indian judicial system ?
  9. Universal Adult Franchise makes a government
  10. The Constitution of India was promulgated on January 26, 1950 because
  11. The League of Nations was established in
  12. Which one of the following is the subject of concurrent list ?
  13. The Directive Principles of State Policy of India have similarity with
  14. The Indian Parliament cannot legislate on the subject of state list unless 1. The President of India…
  15. Consider the following statements 1. In the Lok Sabha, 12 members are nominated by the President of…
  16. The tenth schedule of Indian constitution deals with
  17. The Indian, who was elected as the President of the General Assembly at its eighth sesssion was
  18. The demand for the Constituent assembly was put forward by the Indian National Congress in 1936 at it's…
  19. Which one of the following is a national political party
  20. Number of Panchayat Samities in West Bengal at present is
  21. The Constituent Assembly which framed the constitution for Independent India was set up in
  22. Which of the following is not included in the directive principles of state policy ?
  23. Who among the following was not a member of the Constituent Assembly established in July 1946
  24. Who can be the member of the Rajya Sabha but can speak both in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha ?
  25. Panchayats at the intermediate level may not be constituted in a state, having a population less than
  26. Which of the following is not more a Fundamental Right ?
  27. Parliamentary system in India has been borrowed from which country ?
  28. Money bills can be introduced in the state legislature with the prior consent of
  29. A Money Bill in the Parliament can be introduced only with the recommendation of the
  30. Which of the following Motions can the Council of Ministers in India move ?