The image of an object formed in a plane mirror

A. is real

B. is virtual

C. can be obtained on a screen

D. is slightly bigger than the object

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  1. To get 5 images of a single object one should have two plane mirrors inclined at an angle of
  2. The maximum displacement of the particle in a mechanical wave motion is known as
  3. The atmosphere gets heated up mainly by
  4. The speed at which light travels in vacuum is
  5. The spectrum of white light can be studied by
  6. At what temperature do the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales give the same reading?
  7. A rheostat is used
  8. Less dew is formed on cloudy nights because
  9. Where does the centre of gravity of a rubber ring lie?
  10. Mercury does not stick to glass because
  11. The leader of the team who succeeded in constructing the first nuclear reactor (an atomic pile) in the…
  12. In an electrical circuit, a fuse is connected
  13. Chronometer la an instrument to measure
  14. When the disturbed electrons of an exited atom transfer back into lower energy levels they emit energy…
  15. Rays similar to X-rays but of smaller wave length that are given off by radioactive substances are
  16. X-rays are used
  17. The colour or an opaque object is due to the colour it
  18. Mercury is used in thermometers because
  19. Formation of shadows can be explained by
  20. Sound waves in air are
  21. In hot climatic conditions, the buildings are painted white because
  22. Which of the following pairs is not correct?
  23. Railway tracks are banked on curves so that
  24. When a particle in motion is acted upon by a force in a direction perpendicular to the direction of…
  25. If the speed of the rotation of the earth increases the weight of a body
  26. The aneroid barometer uses
  27. The difference between planets and stars is
  28. The Solar System lies near the edge of a galaxy known as
  29. The mirage is a phenomenon
  30. Light from the sun reaches the earth in