The image of an object formed on the retina of the eye is

A. virtual and upright

B. virtual and inverted

C. real and inverted

D. real and upright

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  1. The ballistic missile, Agni 11, tested by India has a maximum range of
  2. Mercury is used in a barometer because
  3. A boy sitting in a train moving with a uniform velocity drops a coin outside. A man standing outside…
  4. In a microphone
  5. When a particle in motion is acted upon by a force in a direction perpendicular to the direction of…
  6. The period of a geostationary (synchronous) satellite orbiting the earth over the equator la
  7. A ruse wire is characterised by
  8. The planet that has got a well-developed set of rings is
  9. The best estimates of the age of the earth comes from the studies of
  10. In a refrigerator, the refrigerant is
  11. For viewing objects placed at a higher level from a position at a lower level, the instrument used'…
  12. The base of an electric iron is brightly polished mainly
  13. The power of a lens is
  14. An ammeter has
  15. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is located at
  16. The brightest star visible to the naked eye is
  17. An electric charge is measured in
  18. In which of the following will a piece of iron weigh most?
  19. Sound waves
  20. On applying a constant force to a mass, It moves with a uniform
  21. Light from the sun reaches the earth in
  22. Credit for starting Space Science Research in India goes to
  23. The planet that spins Caster than any other planet is
  24. A hydrogen bomb is based on
  25. When a body is projected upwards
  26. When a bowler spins a ball, it changes its direction in the air. This is due to
  27. A solar eclipse occurs when the earth, the sun and the moon are in a straight line, and
  28. The minimum velocity required by a satellite to escape earth's gravitational pull is
  29. Water has maximum density at
  30. The mode of travel of heat energy from the sun across the empty space beyond the earth's atmosphere…