The impeller of a centrifugal pump may have

A. Volute casing

B. Volute casing with guide blades

C. Vortex casing

D. Any one of these

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  1. According to fan laws, at constant weight of air or gas, the speed, capacity and pressure vary
  2. One horsepower is equal to
  3. In a centrifugal pump, the regulating valve is provided on the
  4. In a single casing, multistage pump running at constant speed, the capacity rating is to be slightly…
  5. A hydraulic accumulator normally consists of
  6. Francis, Kaplan and propeller turbines fall under the category of
  7. Reaction turbines are used for
  8. Which of the following pump is preferred for flood control and irrigation applications?
  9. In a centrifugal pump casing, the flow of water leaving the
  10. Power required (in watts) to drive a centrifugal pump is (where Hm = Manometric head in metres, w =…
  11. Which of the following pump is successfully used for lifting water to the turbines?
  12. Kinematic similarity is said to exist between the model and the prototype, if both of them
  13. Centrifugal pump is started with its delivery valve
  14. A Pelton wheel is
  15. The jet ratio is defined as the ratio of the
  16. Motion of a liquid in a volute casing of a centrifugal pump is an example of
  17. Indicator diagram of a reciprocating pump is a graph between
  18. Manometric head, in case of a centrifugal pump, is equal to
  19. Air vessels in reciprocating pump are used to
  20. Braking jet in an impulse turbine is used
  21. If the net positive suction head (NPSH) requirement for the pump is not satisfied, then
  22. The number of buckets on the periphery of a Pelton wheel is given by
  23. Slip of a reciprocating pump is negative, when
  24. According to fan laws, at constant speed and capacity, the pressure and power vary
  25. The angle of taper on draft tube is
  26. For centrifugal pump impeller, the maximum value of the vane exit angle is
  27. The type of centrifugal pump preferred for a specific speed of 20 r.p.m. is
  28. The static head of a centrifugal pump is equal to the ________ of suction head and delivery head.
  29. Puck up the wrong statement about centrifugal pump
  30. Axial flow pump is started with its delivery valve