The inability of a body to change its state of rest or uniform motion along a straight line is called its

A. momentum

B. velocity

C. acceleration

D. inertia

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  1. The speed at which light travels in vacuum is
  2. Which of the following is fissionable?
  3. An electric charge is measured in
  4. Where does the centre of gravity of a rubber ring lie?
  5. No current will flow between two charged bodies if they have the same
  6. The Cact that the compass needle does not point true north was observed first by
  7. When a bullet is fired from a gun
  8. When white light passes through a glass prism we get a spectrum on the other side of the prism. In the…
  9. The brightest planet in the Solar System is
  10. The maximum range of most TV signals is from 121 to 240 km only because
  11. Ultrasonic waves are used
  12. A man Jumping out of a moving train is thrown
  13. Skating on ice is possible because
  14. X-rays were discovered by
  15. On applying a constant force to a mass, It moves with a uniform
  16. The rocket engine is motivated by jet propulsion which uses the famous
  17. The line on earth's surface passing through the places having zero dip is called the magnetic equator.…
  18. The transistor was invented by
  19. If a bar magnet is broken into two pieces
  20. The spectrum of white light can be studied by
  21. A bolometer is used to measure
  22. The rate of cooling of a hot body depends on
  23. If a body is taken from the earth to the moon
  24. The asteroids belt lies between the orbits of
  25. Railway tracks are banked on curves so that
  26. The best estimates of the age of the earth comes from the studies of
  27. A lactometer la used to
  28. The hygrometer is an apparatus used for finding the
  29. The distance between two bodies is halved. Now the force of attraction between them will be
  30. The filament lamp is an example for